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Swim 21

Swim 21 Accreditation was first launched in February 2002 and  it was always the ASA's intention to review its progress during the first 4 years of operation to ensure that it is keeping pace with the needs of the sport and in particular, the needs of the athletes. This review took place in 2006 and recognised the benefits of including all aquatic disciplines within the programme as well as the need for a number of changes to the process, which have been the subject of some sample testing with 'about to be' or current Swim 21 Accredited clubs.


The changes focused particularly on:

Streamlining and simplifying the Modules to embrace all disciplines

A revision of the elements to ensure that outcomes are in line with the expectations of our National Performance Directors and Long term Athlete Development (LTAD)

The Gold/Silver Award system and the merits or otherwise of having two levels of accreditation. The new format is one level only - gold/silver has been removed.






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