Land Training – LT50 Here We Come!

On the weekend where so many of the club attended Boot Camp, we smashed through to 44 attending Land Training on Sunday night! True commitment and a real winning attitude, well done everyone, our “LT50” target is firmly in our sites and our muscular flexibility went up a notch.

Thank you to all the children, coaches and parent helpers who made Boot Camp such a success and helped make the land based session work so well. Likewise, from the coaches and the children, a huge thank you to everyone who kept us fed, watered and fully fuelled to make the best out of the sessions.

Swimprover’s of the week exemplify the work that all the children have been putting in and really deserve this personal recognition:
Group 1: Dean Smith
Group 2: Holly Phelan

With Land Training numbers growing and space at a premium we need to optimise what we have available. As such, whilst it’s wonderful to have parental involvement (watching or participating) our focus has to be on the development and enjoyment of the children. Going forward we can no longer accommodate parents watching from within the room during the sessions, unless under special arrangement. For parents already training or intending to start training, then priority will have to be given to masters and other club coaches/members where space is available. In either case, please ensure you contact and arrange with Christian Barden beforehand.

Land Training is on next week before taking a break during the county championships, but we’ll keep you updated via this blog. Please ensure children bring their resistance tubes to all our future sessions as these will start to feature more in our training ongoing.


Thank you / Takk / Tack / Tak / Kiitos,

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