Last Month of Land Training

Nice to see so many of you at the awards night, thank you for the recognition. 
Another great turnout at LT this week, especially in Group 2 with over 30 Swimprovers filling the BLC Sports Hall. Numbers were down in Group 1 due to the Ripley Gala but that didn’t stop the dedicated 15 working very hard. 

Notice 1: The LT Swimprover weekly trophy is earned and kept for the week and is to be returned the following week to be earned again. Please can Group 1’s trophy be returned ASAP to a coach or anyone of the many regular attendees this week. If your child has been awarded “Swimprover of the Week” whilst the trophy has been absent we will do our best to rotate it during the summer break. 

Notice 2: LT is cancelled over the next 2 weeks due to gala’s and coaches commitments. We’ll be back in the BLC Sports Hall on 26/7/15 for the last LT session before the summer break.

Notice 3: Please ensure children are in correct and full PE/PT kit, suitable for undertaking rigorous exercise. It’s incredibly tough on the child and coaches to have to make a child sit out because they are not wearing the appropriate clothing, but it’s our coaches duty to always safeguard the children and their club mates.

Notice 4: if you’re new to LT then download, print, complete and return the following form to any member of the LT coaching team. 
This weeks Swimprovers were outstanding examples, so we’ll done:

Group 1: Poppy Brown (sorry for not having the trophy back to give you)

Group 2: Phoebe Barden

Have a great week everyone!


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