LT Updates, Dates & Swimprovers

Another +50 turnout this week and wonderful to have new swimmers in both groups. This week was a real treat to coach with so much quality progression and discipline in core capability on show.
We completed our basic fitness testing with both groups for this term and focus our efforts for the rest of this term on resistance band work and core stability to compliment current pool drills and performance at the county championships.
Swimprovers of the week were:

Group 1: Luke Waterfall

Group 2: Sarah Dymond
By popular request please find below this terms planned dates/rooms/sessions. Please note that this is subject to change depending of forecast swimmer attendance, BLC changes in room availability and any changes in coach availability. AS ALWAYS PLEASE REFER TO THIS BLOG FOR ANY UPDATES.

Notice 1: If your swimprover is new to LT, please download the screening document, print, sign and return to a LT coach.
Notice 2: Please ensure EVERY swimprover attends every session in the correct clothing and footwear, with water and with rubberised resistance bands.
Notice 3: The LT coaches must be made aware of a swimprover injury and informed by a parent. Failure to do so could mean that your swimprover is asked to sit out of a session to avoid exacerbating a known injury issue (our role is also to safeguard the children wherever possible).
See you all next week before we take a break for half term and the counties!


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