Marlin International Open Meet 2013

Well that’s it for another year,this time with a French touch, I think the majority of the Marlins are now proud owners of Dauphins Swimming Caps.

I said last year that we wanted to go bigger and better well we certainly did that.

I would like to thank all the helpers today and my fellow Promotors Gavin Brooke’s and Jon Haynes, Jon unfortunately could not be there today however the program and sponsorship and decor is all his handy work well done Jon it all looked fab.

Special Thanks go to our Lotte Raynard ,Tom Osin, Jo Plowman, Donna Ainley for there help running there Teams of Helpers who again did a fabulous job in keeping the Gala running smoothly.

Thank you to Marie and Claire for keeping us all Hydrated with plenty of drinks.

A Big thank you to all our Judges,Starters,Referee and Timekeepers, we must not forget the Announcing Team who kept us up-to date.

The Raffle was Fabulous one of the best we’ve had so Thank you for all your donations.

The two ladies who were managed by Megan Oram on the Trophy Table I believe we got through a couple of highlighters. Thank you

And finally thanks to the Swimmers, Team Managers and Coaches from BMSC and the other Clubs for making it a Great Day of Swimming.

See you all again next year Bigger Better Stronger……….?????

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