Swimmer Register Top Tip

Thank you so much to the parents/guardians who have taken swim session registers so far.

Since asking for help it’s estimated there’s been a saving of the coaches time of nearly 1 hour per week across all sessions. This means they have been able to deliver an extra 1 hour more of quality coaching every week to all our swimmers. This is valuable to both the children’s development, the club development and makes membership fees stretch that little bit further.

Top Tip 1: Some parent/guardians have taken the register in pairs, one “spotting” and one “ticking” and got the whole process for one session down to only a 5 minute exercise.

Top Tip 2: It’s been mentioned that its been a great way to put swimmers names to faces (well, goggles and hats anyway), know more swimmers and which swimmer belongs to which parent/guardian, so its a great way to feel more involved.

BMSC is a volunteer run club, so please get involved and help where/if you can at the start of any session or “drop off.” Thank you!


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