Ultimate LT..

Some great numbers at LT in both groups last weekend & nice to see more new faces.
Core control and flexibility has really slipped over only a few weeks and swimmers have been reminded to do some urgent swimproving of these 2 disciplines (out side of LT) for the very reason that a strong core makes for a higher ride in the water which means less resistance and a better chance of achieving the speeds they’d like to achieve (like a speedboat when it’s planing).
We managed to spend about 30-40{049a3929933ec48437eb79fbb91c0c269071f432db20c2a31d6158f123ca9744} of the 2 sessions playing Ultimate. We’ve introduced Ultimate as a means to break up the LT routine when we can and use as a reward. Whilst it’s fun it also drives much needed teamwork skills, speed agility & quickness (SAQ) skills and hand eye coordination skills. We use it also as it’s a very different sport in many ways and requires different techniques, much the same as the every evolving technique base used in how and what we train in the pool e.g. USRPT (Ultra Short Race Pace Training).

Swimprovers of the week were:

Group 1: Bertie  Jackson

Group 2: Elliot Poplar


There is no land training for Group 1 

17.00-17:45hrs this Sunday 13/3/16. 

Group 2 18-19:00hrs is on in Sammy’s Bar as per usual.

Have a great weekend!

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