Belper Marlin Report on Ghoul in the Pool Gala

Belper Marlin’s ‘Ghoul in the Pool’ is the only competition on the calendar that not only is the best spirited but also is full of shocks and surprises. The Arc Leisure Centre in Matlock was decorated from the entrance to the pool in ghoulish pictures and bunting. Spiders hung from webs, skeletons danced on windows and pumpkins banners hung across the pool. Unfortunately the centre would not let the club turn the pool green!

As children arrived for their warm up swim at 8 o’clock it was clear that they had got into the spirit as they were dressed up as witches, skeletons and zombies, although at that time in the morning it was hard to tell with some of the teenagers! Team managers were also looking more gruesome than ever with Paul Horobin, one of the coaches, walking around with a massive spider clinging to his back.
As the races began it was clear to see that the novelty and excitement of the day had not drained the children’s energy. Personal bests were crushed and the first to six place trophies and medals were whisked off the table at the end of the pool. Having a strong team Belper Marlin’s particularly did well with 169 personal bests – children sneaked away with a record 30 first, 25 second and 19 third place trophies. In total 124 pieces of silverware disappeared with the Marlin’s over the day of competition.

It was an amazing event that everyone involved enjoyed. Particularly the ‘trick or treating’ around the pool at the end of the session … although the real treat was the smile on the parents faces as they greeted their children in the entrance congratulating them on their success.


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