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Welcome to the 2019 Club Championships

Update 7th November 2019

The accepted entry list  is now available to download on the links at the side of this page. Please take the time to check your entriesa are as you expected.

Please notify if there are any errors or omissions as soon as possible and no later than 20:00 on Tuesday 12th November.

This is very important to ensure the smooth running of the gala. It is very easy to rectify any errors and omissions before the day, but if you don't let the organisers know beforehand, it may result in not being able to swim.

The Club Championships is our anuual championship gala for club members only and will be held at Alfreton Leisure Centre on the weekends of 15th/16th/17th November and 22nd/23rd/24th November. The galas on 15th and 22nd November will be held during our Friday session 2 training session. The remining galas are in the early evening and last for approximately 2 hours each.

This is a Level 4 Licensed Meet. This means that any swims at 50m or longer will be valid for use in competitions where a licensed time is required, such as County Championships.

All swimming members are welcome to enter, from under eights through to masters swimmers.

There will be six galas held over the 2 weekends. The galas contain a mixture of championship events and distance events. Have a look at the documents in the downloads area to see which events will be swum in each gala. and for eligibility criteria. None of the events are compulsory but note also that not all events are available to each age-group.

To enter, download a copy of the entry form from the downloads section, complete it and hand in to a member of the coaching team or Richard Oram. There is no charge for club championships entry.

It is important to enter your personal best time on the entry form, to help make sure heats are seeded properly. If you don't know where to get your pb from, then follow the link below.

BMSC Personal Bests

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of the coaching team or email

Entries close on Sunday 3rd November.


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