Land Training

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Sunday 5 – 5.45 pm (session two swimmers) / 6.00 – 6.45 pm (session three swimmers)

Land training is run on a Sunday evening at Belper Leisure Centre.  Children in swimming sessions two and three come to this to develop their core and the strength in muscle groups that they don’t use in swimming.  This helps them to become a better balanced athlete and improves their overall performance in the pool.

The session is run by volunteers and is free to Marlin swimmers.  To join the session simply approach the organisers who will ask you to complete a form so that they can be registered into the session.

Once a year a ‘Boot Camp’ is run.  This is a fun session which includes swimming coaching both in and out of the pool, land training and team building exercises.  We have been lucky enough also to have Olympians come to this event to talk to the children.   It is a great day for new members to form friendships and feel part of the Marlin family.

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