Belper Marlin’s Nearly A Century Ahead

Marlin’s. Coming home with the trophy was icing on the cake after winning each of the four galas which have been held over the last year. Competing against Ashbourne, Leek and Dove Valley the Marlin’s turned up in force at the Adam Peaty Pool at Uttoxeter for the final battle. 
It was a close run thing with the overall lead for the evenings competition ‘swimming’ backwards and forwards from Leek to Belper! No one knew until the final count whether Marlin’s had managed the clean sweep. As the results were read out, the crowd held their breath and only at the final result did an almighty cheer go up for our youngsters. Final scores on the night were Ashbourne 96, Dove Valley 104, Leek 106 and Belper 107! 
The trophy however was well on its way to Belper as the whole tournament results came out to be Ashbourne 371, Leek 383, Dove Valley 390, but massively in front, Belper with a staggering 488! What can we say other than we’re ‘simply the best!’


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