BMSC Team Managers Course.. We Need Volunteers !!!

As with every sport there is a rolling cycle of volunteers, and Belper Marlin SC is no different.

We have always been well supported by our swimmers Parents, Guardians and Grandparents.

We are now in need of some New Team Managers, and these need to be from our younger swimmers 9yrs -13yrs, swimmers who are going to compete at Open Meets, Team Galas etc.

So part of the on going support for these swimmers is Team Managing them on Poolside.

We are looking to run our own in-house course to cover this, however the key part is to ensure that if you become a Team Manager you are Safe Guarded and DBS Checked, within a short period of time of volunteering for this roll..

To help with this process Belper Marlin will be are running a Safe Guarding Course for this on the 23rd march at BLC, for New comers to the sport and existing volunteers who need to update the qualification.

So, if you are interested in supporting the Club and but more importantly our swimmers at Open Meets, Team Galas etc on Poolside, then please speak to a member of the Coaching staff or Committee to understand what’s really involved and then email Jerry Marler Workforce Co-Ordinator to register.



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