BMSC Welfare & Safegaurding Officer 

BMSC is currently looking for a New Welfare & Safegaurding Officier.

Our current volunteer Gavin Brookes wishes to stand down due to other commitments.

The Club is required to have a Welfare Officer  under Swim 21 the governing body for swimming clubs.

Therefore without one we cannot function.

If anyone is willing to take on this role please can you contact any member of the Committe or email

Gavin has agreed to stay in this role until a new volunteer comes forward however Gavin will Not be taking this role back on in October.

Gavin has also agreed to shadow the new volunteer for a period of time to help them in this role.

This doesn’t need to be a single person role the club is happy for it to be a shared role Female / Male.

If you are interested then please step forward further information on the role is available on request.

Our thanks to Gavin for all his help now and moving forward.


BMSC Committee

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