Closing Date Reminders.


BMSC Summer Sprints 2016.

This is 1 of the 3 Club Galas that BMSC put on every year and it’s a chance for the whole club to ascend on 1 venue and impress the Parents, Guardians & Grand Parents with some fast swimming.

Following that our swimmers get to celebrate the occasion with an awards night.

This Gala is Open to all members of the Club.

So whatever session you attend at BMSC please come and join the Summer fun at Alfreton LC at BMSC’s Summer Sprints.

Entry forms are available on line on BMSC website or from a member of the committee Sunday evening

Closing Date 12/06/16

July Open Meets

Ripley Rascals & Chesterfield 05/06/2016.

September Open Meet

MAD Meet – Sept closing date 12/06/16

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