Club Championships – Information and Withdrawals

Gala 1 of the club championships is now upon us, so please be aware of the following:

  1. The start time of Gala 1 has been adjusted slightly from the original time because of another gala taking place during the day before ours. Warm-up is now from 5:30 pm with the first race scheduled for 6:00 pm. This time may be pushed back slightly if the preceding gala runs late.
  2. Aim to arrive at about 5:20 pm. Please don’t arrive really early as there will be nowhere for the swimmers or the spectators to go until the previous gala vacates poolside
  3. If you aren’t familiar with galas, please make sure that your swimmer has the following: swimming costume, warm clothing to wear between races, a second dry towel, plenty of fluids and snacks, spare hats and goggles in case they break. 
  4. The gala finish time is estimated at 7:15 pm on Saturday and 7:00 pm on Sunday
  5. If for any reason you need to withdraw a swimmer, please let us know in advance, no later than 15:00 on the day of the gala, by contacting and advising of the full name of the swimmer, the D.O.B. and which events they will withdraw from.

Best of luck to all swimmers and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.

Kind Regards,

BMSC Gala Team

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