Garry’s Last-man Home…

In 2015 outdoor swimming season Garry Jackson was placed, in the British Long Distance Swimming Association (BLDSA), championship league, 2nd male senior and 3rd male veteran. A senior is anyone over 18, a vet is someone over 45 and a Master is someone over 65. 

Your position in the league is calculated by the total mileage you swam in all events and what position you finished in. The idea is to enter as many events as you can maintaining a reasonable finishing average, because not all swimmers do all the events. Garry was also awarded the last man home trophy for finishing Windermere which took me 8 hrs and 20 mins to swim 10.5 mile.  

The swim series is in lakes and the sea and only in swim suits, wetsuits are not allowed. The coldest temperature was 13 Degree in St Mary’s Loch with a 6.5 mile swim. The longest was 2 way Windermere, which was over night. I did not swim this but supported another swimmer from a rowing boat.

Garry at the BLDSA Awards Evening.

Congratulations Garry from all at BMSC.

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