Hucknall Heroes Part II

After cheering on the excellent Junior League team on Saturday night, 8 of Belper’s older swimmers returned to Hucknall Leisure Centre on Sunday to compete in the annual Calverton and Bingham Masters Gala. Swimming in 52 events between them they achieved 7 first, 16 second and 8 third places and a huge number of personal bests. In the ladies events, club bragging rights were up for grabs with some very close finishes and extra effort to be the first Marlin home. But particular mention goes to debutant Steve Dymond who, after completing ‘the man killer’ 200m freestyle, raced against fellow Belper swimmer Chris Weeds in the 50m butterfly. Trailing by 2 meters at the turn Steve used some famous Dymond family grit to haul-in and then overtake Chris on the final length, edging the win by half a second.

As the day worn on fatigue set in, but undeterred every swimmer produced their best in each race, culminating in the final relays. The Belper ladies sped to an excellent second place in the medley relay and the men, although less successful in terms of race placing, did at least show that their sartorial elegance hasn’t diminished with age. They’re just waiting for Arena to produce some more eye-catching Powerskins (in larger sizes).

CABSC15 Team

The Team  Gavin Brookes, Sarah Whysall, Chris Weeds, Helen Skinner, Robert Rantzen, Caroline Kearley, Emma Whysall & Steve Dymond.

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