It’s time…to unleash the swimmer from within..

It’s that time of the year again….

Good afternoon budding swimmers at BMSC, that’s you the ones who sit at the poolside watching the kids swim up and down the pool week in week out thinking I could do that..

Well guess what you can now as we announce this years promotors challenge.

To be swam the Sunday evening after the club championships Gala 3.

As last years event was so well attended and the swimmers came out winners I think it only fair that we are given another chance to prove how easy this swimming really is….

So get your heads in the holiday bags or to the back of the cupboards and grab that swim wear and start the training.

Times will be required and the event will be based on the same format as last year.

Each swimmer needs a parent, gaurdian, older volunteer (promotors descreation) to swim.

What the parent swims the swimmer follows suit and swims the same.

Times are required for a 25m swim from both participant.

There will be no restraint on numbers the more the merrier but one things for sure the parents will WIN.

Please email your name, swimmers name, strokes and times.

Parents there are a number of sessions we can swim at Monday night after the main session, Saturday mornings again after the main session and with the masters on a Wednesday night if lane loading allow..

Team Captains yet to be decided however I feel we the parents need girl power and the swimmers had Dan Breeze so ladies I feel it’ll be over to you…

Last year we had 20 + swimmers a great result so come on give it a go…

And more to the point let’s show the Swimmers how it’s done..

Any problems please speak with Paul H.

Good luck..

More training advice to follow…

16 Days to Go….

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