Land Training’s “Band” of Merry Men Gets Bigger

This week we were back to 2 very full groups with a total of 47 in attendance, “LT50″ is firmly within touching distance now. Well done everyone!

It’s great to have more new faces from all age groups, we have now welcomed over 80 individual swimmers, and every week the energy and fun levels keep going up!

Space is increasingly tight but we have plans to move into a bigger venue in BLC at some point in April. Watch out for updates on when and where.

Please check with a member of the Land Training coaching team in advance if parents/grandparents would like to watch or join in. We will always do our best to accommodate where we can.
Please ensure that children have resistance bands as we will be using these ongoing. The focus with all Land Training is on control, technique, flexibility and mobility so light/medium resistance is best.
Please do tell a member of the Land Training coaching team if your child is carrying an injury, disability or illness of any nature. It allows us to protect them better whilst watching more closely and/or create slightly different routines so they can still participate and enjoy themselves.
Group 1 sessions start at 17:00hrs to 17:45hrs, Group 2 sessions start at 18:00hrs to 19:00hrs.

As “Girl Power” continues to grow our Swimprover’s of the Week are:
Group 1: Georgie-Rose Minfie
Group 2: Ailish Adams

Looking forward to next Sunday and seeing this weeks Swimprover’s pass on the trophy to the next deserving Swimprover’s.


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