LT back with a bang…

It was a lovely bright day on Sunday and that fresh energy carried through to a wonderful turnout and attitude in LT. Both sessions were genuinely great fun to coach and with a number of very welcome new faces perfectly slotting into the the routines and high standards of our regular swimprovers. 
Please Note 1: New swimprovers or swimprovers that have decided to make LT a regular part of their swim training cycle, please do complete the LT forms found on the website and return to Christian Barden. 
Please Note 2: Please make sure every swimprover has water, rubberised resistance bands (not woven) that they can stand on and comfortably extend their arms above their heads, and of course the right clothing/footwear for land based exercise.
Please Note 3: As per pool based swim training and due to distraction and incident ALL mobile phones, smart phones and/or any other such device must be switched off and out of sight during all LT sessions. The swimprovers were briefed at the weekend also.
Swimprovers of the week were the very well deserving:

Group 1: Maisy Chamberlain

Group 2: Rebecca Phelan
Well done everyone and just to let you know that you’re not alone……


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