Marlin Anthem Start Planning the Party.

Saturday night is approaching fast and it’s time to start thinking about making some noise for our swimmers.
So parents supporters here’s the plan.
Lots of banners and blue and white plus we have an anthem.
As follows please print and bring along..

To the tune of ‘Guide me oh thou great redeemer’ (Bread of heaven)

We don’t cheer, for Bicester Blue Fins
We don’t cheer for Shrewsbury
We just cheer, for Belper Marlin
The greatest team in all the land
Belper Marlin, Belper Marlin
Cheer us ’til we swim no more (swim no more)
Cheer us ’til we swim no more

I am happy to have a go at singing it through first time solo and then everyone else standing to sing it through again.

Are you up for it?

BMSC Loud and Proud we have a volunteer to get us started.

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