Marlins Destiny in the hands of the Gods

Last weekend saw a mighty battle between six swimming clubs in the Arena League in Birmingham. This year Belper Marlin Swimming Club was promoted to the top league in the West Midlands and in doing so set themselves a simple challenge … to stay up. Coming up against city clubs it was always going to be a big ask. Two months previously in the first round we came last in the group, but only by one or two points, which was frustrating. However, never bowing to defeat the Marlin’s came back in this second round.
This was a critical gala in which to do well. Starting 4th from bottom of the whole league after round 1 we were in with the five other clubs all wanting to prove a point. A good result here could get us clear of the relegation battle. Marlin’s had an amazing 14 victories and on the night we thought we were joint 5th but after a nail biting count back of wins we were placed in a staggering third place! Beating local rivals City of Derby B!
Praise should be given to all the swimmers for their sheer determination and team spirit. The walls of the swimming pool were vibrating with the phenomenal noise created by the supporters at the end of the event with the relays deciding the final points being allocated. A special mention goes to boys 9/11 medley and fc team, Danny Skinner , Sam Brookes, Dean Smith and Howie Barden who ‘lapped ‘ the lane beside them. The team comprised of the above boys, 9/11 girls Katy Dymond, Daisy Gardiner, Caitlin Oram and Pheobe ‘the bullet’ Barden; 12/13 year olds Morgan Hart, Casper Raynard, William Brookes, Cameron Haynes, Ellie Baker, Holly Phelan, Ailish Adams, Rhiannon Wadey, Georgina Holbird-Gale; 14-15 year olds Elliott Stubbs, Joshua Horobin, George Chamberlain, Sam Bassett, Tia Millington, Maddie Shrimpling, Eleanor Hewitt, Sophie Eley and finally open swimmers Connor Osin, Joshua James, Dan Breeze, Chelsea Eley, Amy Hewitt and Amy Neild.
It was an amazing gala full of twists and turns. Some clubs had admitted defeat but Belper knew that they were in with a chance and strived for as many points as they possibly could. As it stands the club are in the hands of the gods! It is hoped that Poseidon will give them the help that they need in their final gala in a month’s time.


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