Marlin’s Know the Trick of Putting on a Treat of a Gala!

Marlin’s Know the Trick of Putting on a Treat of a Gala!
Spirits were high as competitors walked past pumpkins and under spider’s webs as they entered the Arc Leisure Centre for the annual Belper Marlin organised ‘Ghoul in the Pool’ gala last weekend. Many skeletons, witches and zombies looked on from the walls of the highly decorated pool to admire the energy many young individuals put into their competitive swimming. 
The competition was fierce as clubs from around Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire battle it out for the six place trophies on offer. The trick was to get off the blocks as quickly as possible and into streamline, turn smartly and then finish fast! The treats were then collected from the trophy table. Again and again Belper Marlin swimmers were called out to receive their hard fought awards and many personal bests were busted! 
Special mention goes to the fastest phantoms in the pool Hannah Whitaker Ryan Horobin William Brookes Harvey Waddingham Joshua Horobin Phoebe Barden Fearn Middleton Sam Frost Caitlin Oram Ailish Adams Sarah Dymond Howie Barden George Chamberlain Connor Osin Cameron Haynes George Henshaw Joel McGraw and Rachel Ainley. However Mike Brett, Marlin’s head coach, stated that the performance from the whole team was exceptional and he was proud of the performances that each individual gave.
The whole event was a massive success. With over one thousand five hundred swims on the day, and many ghoulish songs being played during warm up sessions, it certainly possessed the bite that other galas simply lacked!


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