Mighty Marlins Hit the Big 40

You did it! 40 dedicated Mighty Marlins worked incredibly hard at Land Training with 8 new members of group 1 welcomed and did a great job. So now we’re going to start the LT50 campaign!

With a new team in Group 1 we spent a session on the basics of term 1 core stability and coordination, next week we push up a gear. Group 2 started the term 2 focus on arms and endurance including individual circuits, upside down & one handed press ups and arm rotation/flexibility/control exercises. Well done everyone and particularly our Swimprover’s of the week:
Group 1: Daisy Gardener
Group 2: Callum Phelan

Over the next few weeks we will build up arm flexibility and strength in order to develop swim stroke technique whilst on dry land. It would be really beneficial if all children had access to a piece of equipment called a resistance tube (light-medium strength dependent on age with handles), as per the image attached. They can be purchased from many sports retailers from c.£4.50 (sorry, we cannot get them into the swim shop at this point). We have a handful of back ups as a club, but for children to have their own will mean they can practice at home and with parents too.



1) There is no Group 1 Land Training 19/1/14 due to time trials. Group 2 training is on at the same time as usual.

2) Going forward Group 1 Land Training will start at 17:00 for 45 minutes.

3) We’ve had a lot of interest from parents and masters wishing to join in, learn techniques to help their children, get fit and find out what the buzz is about. Dependent on space, everyone is welcome!

See you all soon.


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