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The best of the best all congregated at Matlock for the Deventio excel short course open meet. It was a tournament that was difficult to qualify for as each race had a tough cut off time. However Belper Marlin’s did us proud once again with numerous swimmers being selected for the challenge entering a multitude of races over the two days of competition.
Excellent times were once again set by Phoebe ‘The Bullet’ Barden who, being the smallest and the youngest, set the bar high and put pressure on the others to succeed. Personal bests were difficult to beat but nobody had told the swimmers who went out of their way to follow ‘The Bullet’s’ path! What was particularly comical was watching the teenage boys being called for their races. These ‘elite athletes’ slowly trudged their way to the blocks like Neanderthal man, but amazingly as soon as the starter set them off powered down the pool like rockets! On climbing out of the pool again they then metamorphosed back into the Stone Age! What is it with teenagers? Or is it just swimmers who still have too much amphibian still in them?!
Over the weekend the team came seventh overall. Considering they were up against the cream of the city teams this was a remarkable result and one that small town Marlin’s can be rightly proud.


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