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Another fantastic year of progress for the LT program. Here’s some highlights:
1. Over 60 swimprovers in attendance in any one week

2. Over 80 different swimprovers in attendance in any one month

3. Overall core stability, flexibility and strength of swimprovers has grown significantly in breadth and depth

4. Standardised LT documentation and & screening form so we can all learn more about programs, swimprovers and coaches early (perhaps we need a “BMSC LT Swimprover Achievement Programme!

5. Weekly trophy has been used to reward and recognise nearly 50 different swimprovers
We’ve even built a pretty awesome Ultimate Frisbee team too!
Well done to our terrific swimprovers of this week who also get to keep the prestigious trophy until we reconvene:

Group 1: Claudia Gration
Group 2: Katy Dymond

The 3 LT coaches very proud of all our swimprovers and their dedication and commitment to learning is not only inspirational but we know it’s contributing significantly to the results in the pool. We work hard to set the platform so our BMSC swimmers can work hard and have fun too. Like many other volunteers at BMSC we also have work/business/family commitments that can stretch and test us through the year. However, the look on the face of a swimprover when they deliver another PB in the pool keeps us energised in driving the LT programme for Mike and the poolside coaches.
Notice 1: Please watch this blog post for when LT will start again in Autumn.
Notice 2: Please watch this blog post for a link to a 10 minute summer circuit of core stability, flexibility and band work for swim provers to take on holiday and keep themselves occupied.
Notice 3: Every BMSC swimmer is welcome to join, or rejoin, LT anytime. Please complete the “LC Form” on the main BMSC website and get involved.
We look forward to seeing all swimprovers in the autumn and welcoming the 10 new swimprovers we’ve already received forms for.
Have a great summer!
Christian, Richard & Steve

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