The Big Cheese Visits Land Training

Great numbers again (48) and a visit from Mike Brett for both group sessions.

Mike was delighted to see so many new faces and the continued progress in our core strength and capability. Yet again he threw his full support behind the Land Training programme and it’s importance in delivering success in the pool at all age groups.

Please Note: Thank you for the concerted effort to ensure children wear the right clothing to train in, we’re nearly there. All children need to be in the right P.E kit, including footwear, and with their own resistance bands. Given the numbers now in attendance and our responsibilities as coaches, if children do not have these on any given day we may have to ask them to sit out of some of the exercises or the full session. Please help us and your children not to be placed in such an uncomfortable situation.

Swimprovers of the week were superb examples of what it takes to win this award:
Group 1: Cameron Stott
Group 2: Ellie Baker

We look forward to more core and band work next week and being in peak condition for the “Ghoul in the Pool.”


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