Reposted – “We are Tweeting” @BelperSc #Mighty Marlins:

This is a re-post for those who had trouble accessing the Marlin blog until recently.

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We have recently set up a Twitter account for  Belper Marlin Swimming Club. 

Twitter is a Social media platform that allows us to:

1. Celebrate and share the success of our Swimmers & our Club.

2. Share useful information about our sport from Swimming organisations such as British Swimming, Swim England etc.

3. Build relationships and support other Swimming Clubs & share useful information regarding forthcoming competitions.


Our new Twitter account compliments our new fabulous website & recent rolling Twitter feeds will appear on our home page very soon.


To become social on Twitter and follow the #MightyMarlins, please follow the steps below:

1. Our Twitter handle (user name) is @Belpersc, which means this is how you can first of all find us on Twitter. Please insert @BelperSc into the search bar, when in Twitter. Once you have located us, please follow us & we will follow you back.( Please note we can only follow you if you are 18 & over. Otherwise it’s Parents only)!  This means that if we are writing a Tweet that maybe about you or your Swimmer, you will receive a notification instantly. Don’t worry Swimmers if you are under 18, we can still include your Twitter name in a post if we are mentioning you, providing you are following us! Once the tweet appears in your notifications from us and you would like it to appear on your profile page, simply hit the retweet button. Please feel free to interact & comment when you retweet if you would like to! 


 To learn more about Twitter or to help you get started, please check out this useful information from Twitter.


Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the Privacy Settings. Information on this can be found at


2. If you write a post on Twitter ( also known as a Tweet), that you would like to see on the Belper Marlin Twitter feed  please remember to include #MightyMarlins & @BelperSc 


Please do let us know of any  achievements in relation to your  Swimmers, so we can celebrate success stories. This includes swimmers from all Squads & our Open water swimmers.


Let’s get the #MightyMarlins trending. 


You will from time to time see some Inspiring people from the world of swimming follow our fabulous club. So please keep your eyes peeled! 


We’re going to begin our #MightyMarlins trending campaign on Twitter by a countdown to what will be some great racing on Sunday (Fathers Day) at the Retford Open Meet. We will also be on poolside to report live on the day. So watch this space!


We would like everyone to benefit from the information provided on Twitter. If anyone would like any assistance with setting up a Twitter account or general information, I’m no expert, however I’m happy to try & help, so please shout! 

Contact: Jayne Miller


On a Final Note; as always the safety of your children is our main priority,

Parents please oversee any Social Media account that your child has or is considering setting up & ensure that your Child uses responsibly…

Thank you. 


BMSC Swimming Club


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