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The Samantha Morris Memorial Shield

This Perpetual Trophy is Presented Annually to the

Belper Marlin Club Member of the Year.

A) Nominations 

Nominees for the Trophy shall be declared verbally or in writing to the Club President/Chairman or committee member before the closing date for nominations.

The Club President/Chairman shall then organize the vote and report the result.

Jane and John Morris presented this trophy in memory of Samantha, a long time member

Belper Marlin who tragically lost her young life in a motoring accident

Nominees for the Samantha Morris Shield may be for any Club Member (not necessarily a

Swimmer) who has worked within or represented the Club in any way whatsoever over many years.

Committee members, Sub Committee members and the Coaching Staff shall have one vote each to decide the winner. If there is a tie on points the Club Presidents vote will be used to decide the winner.

B) The winner will receive a commemorative engraved shield

Nominations for 2013 may be given verbally or in writing before the 24th of November to Jeff Pickering at nominations will not be accepted after that date.


Any volunteer Club member may be nominated for the award verbally or in writing to any Committee Member, the nominee’s names will then be given to the Club President for inclusion on the voting form. Nominees will then be voted on by all the Committee & sub Committee Members & poolside helpers (one vote per person) to decide the winner.

If there is a tie then the Club President will use his/her casting vote to decide the winner.

The award will be held annually.


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