Belper Marlin 2017 Membership..

As this year draws to a close the Club has now set the Fees for the forthcoming Year 2017.
New Membership documentation is being handed out across the various sessions and at the Club Championships during November.

Therefore please…

1. Check Sessions & Membership – Notify of any changes that need to me made.

2. Belper Marlins Swimming Club Membership form to be completed / signed and returned with Membership Fees, in a sealed Envelope, please; before 1st January 2017 to Jon Haynes, Rob Rantzen or Mike Waterfall.

3. This years Monthly Fees are Not changing therefore please can you reset your Monthly Standing Orders to continue for another 12 Months.

4. Please ensure your sessions are correct and if amendments are required then please correct your Standing Order ASAP to ensure the correct fees are in place before the first payment date of 2017 as BMSC reserve the right to tell Swimmers they cannot swim until the Yearly Fees and Monthly Subs are paid.

5. Please could we also ask that Monthly payments are made on or around the 7th of the Month, to help with the monitoring of Monthly subscriptions.

BMSC Committee.

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