DX Gala Report..

Whilst rugby fans were watching the Six Nations this weekend swimming fans were glued to the ‘Four Nations’ at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. Derventio Excel were hosting a grade one gala where only the fastest swimmers could enter. Several competitors from Belper Marlin’s made the grade and entered along with other swimmers from across the whole of the UK. Irish, Scottish and Welsh accents were mixed with those from England, and of course Derbyshire had a strong contingent supported by the Marlin’s. Joshua Horobin, one of the Marlin’s best swimmers fought his way into the final of the breaststroke, whilst others including, Caitlin Oram, Katie Dymond, Cameron Haynes, William Brookes and Casper Raynard battled away to show that Belper Marlin’s was a club to be reckoned with. They all did extremely well and represented their country and county with honour. The friendly atmosphere was a credit to the teenagers that took part and it is hoped that the welcome given to those that travelled hundreds of miles will be one to remember. Proud to be a Marlin!

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