Fantastic Sunday at Long Eaton Open Meet.

Belper Marlin swimmers had a fantastic Sunday at the Long Eaton Gala held at Derby’s Queen’s Leisure Centre. A group of young swimmers from nine years old to fifteen turned out to take on the opposition and prove their metal. After their initial warm up the children set to their task of annihilating their personal bests and raiding the medal and trophy table. With parents screaming encouragement the youngsters achieved success after success.

The three sessions allowed the children to keep their energy levels stocked up through tubs of pasta and numerous bananas. This was necessary as every session concluded with an all-out top six race in each age group. Six children going head to head, all with similar times, racing for top spot. It was great to see Marlin’s qualifying for these races and even more wonderful when they came away in the top three places!

Best placing’s in the heats were as follow, Katy Dymond 2nd, Caitlin Oram 5th, Sarah Dymond 3rd, Danny Skinner 1st , William Brookes 1st , Christian Boon 5th, Cameron Haynes 1st , Thomas Ingram 4th, Samuel Brookes 1st and Ryan Horobin 2nd . In the 100 freestyle race finals – Katy Dymond 2nd , Sarah Dymond 5th , Danny Skinner 2nd, Cameron Haynes 2nd . In the 50 freestyle race finals – Katy Dymond 1st, Caitlin Oram 6th , Sarah Dymond 5th, Danny Skinner 1st , Thomas Ingram 6th and Cameron Haynes 1st

The day was a gold rush for the Marlin’s and the spirit of the team was as high as ever with every member shouting and encouraging the others. Personal bests were shattered and in some cases this was all they needed to put a smile on their faces. It was a very happy Marlin team at the end. Well done to all of you!


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