Flying Discs, Press Ups & Resistance Bands……All @ LT

It’s great to have both LT groups at a level where we can have such great weekly numbers and a varied schedule with great energy from a fit & enthusiastic bunch of swimmers. Yet again, turnout was in the high 50’s and we’re delighted to welcome 2 new swimprover’s to group 1.
A huge thank you to both new swimprover’s parents who took the time to introduce themselves and the swimmer to the LT coaches. Thank you also for the latest LT form returns, we now have over 80 individual regular monthly swimprover’s attending LT and all the safeguarding paperwork filed. THANK YOU!
Reminder 1: Please bring resistance bands to every LT session. Please ensure the band is rubberised (not woven as we have noticed more problems with this type) and, if in doubt, please buy a light resistance. Please wear the right clothing and shoes for PT
Reminder 2: There is NO LT this weekend (24/6/15) due to gala commitments throughout the weekend. We are back in the Sports Hall the week after!
Reminder 3: LT is a free to join BMSC “member perk” session to develop all the core stability, flexibility, control, speed, agility, quickness needed to perform in the pool. So you can get all that awesomeness at no extra cost other than hard work and a few smiles! Every Marlin is welcome so please come and join in. 
Swimprover’s set a great example so well done:

Group 1: Rebecca Stone

Group 2: Holly Phelan

See you in a few weeks everyone and REPLACE YOUR LUCK in your competitions by preparing the right way with the right CAN DO attitude that we work so hard on at LT. 


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