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Going the Distance!

As we are a competitive club Belper Marlin’s do not do progression through badges.  Children gain recognition for their efforts by attaining personal best times and receiving trophies and medals when in galas.  However we do realise that some children are proficient at distance swimming, therefore once a year the children participate in a Marlin Mega Swim!  This is hosted about March time and the children swim for an hour and try to get as far as they can.  It is not unheard of for some nine year olds to swim a kilometre, whilst the eleven and twelve year olds will get to three or four kilometres in that time!  It is at this point that the children can order ASA badges and certificates for their efforts.

In addition to this the club uses the event as an opportunity to give something back to the local community.  Children are sponsored, which not only helps worthy causes but also gives them the incentive to swim such long distances.  In past years the club has raised thousands of pounds helping build a new swimming pool at Alfreton Special School; buy equipment for hospital intensive care units through Callum’s Head’s Up Campaign; and  donate money to Parkinson’s, Perthes and Motor Neuron disease research.  

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