IMPORTANT: BMSC Club Championships 2018

Club Member,

As you will have recently seen this years Club Championships are now on the Clubs Website and are ready for swimmers to enter.


Three Years ago the club started to licence our Club Championships to enable all our swimmers to post recorded licenced times on the Swim England National Swim Times Database.

By doing this it means that swimmers can then use these times to enter other Open Meets and gain qualification to County, Regional & National Events.

To do this the club needs a number of volunteers to step forward and gain a qualification in Time Keeping and thereafter if they wish a J1 or J2 qualification.

Without the above the Competition cannot be licenced and currently we don’t have sufficient Officials to do this.

With this in mind the club will be looking to put a Time Keeping Course on at BLC on Sunday 11/11/2018 prior to the Swim sessions and then running a Swim session for the volunteers to complete the course.

We need at least 6 Volunteers to do the course and get on the ladder to Officiating otherwise this years competition will not be licenced and the knock on effect is that the times swam will NOT be recorded on the National Database and entry into Open Meets will become more difficult.

If you are intending on attending the Championships then please step forward and volunteer to help by Time keeping.

If you are interested in helping then please contact, leaving contact details.

If we get enough interest we will put on a course.

We need to make this happen if we intend to continue on the Great Swimming Pathway we are on……


Belper Marlin SC


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