Land Training – Flutter Kicks & Monster Steps!

38 at LT this week and with enough energy for twice that. Group 1 took the lead with having the majority (21) in attendance. LT50 is still the goal!

That was the 2nd week of double foot bounding and body position to really help drive off the starting blocks and turn walls. Likewise, the second week of our flutter kicks & monster steps and strides to help core strength and leg power in the water. Band work is really coming on and this week we moved to shoulder/rotator flexibility primarily for backstroke and fly, but every little helps.

Quietest feet this week (a real sign of control and agility when landing double footed after a 3ft jump) are:
Group 1: Howie Barden
Group 2: Lucy Frost

Swimprover’s of the week are another well deserved bunch who’ve worked so hard for such a long time, and it’s further affirmation of our club “girl power.” Very well done to:
Group 1: Phoebe Barden
Group 2: Katy Dymond

Early notice for parents that LT will take a break over the Easter weekend (20th) and the 27th due to gala commitments.

See you all next week.


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