Land training moves up a gear..

Wow! 21 in Group 1 so they steal the honours back from Group 2.

Despite a great turnout “LT40” still eludes us, but we’re only 3 short. I’m sure that with lane changes bringing fresh opportunity, the club focus on flip turns, and the will to achieve even more together that we will hit our attendance target soon.

On a lighter note, I’ve never seen so many teenagers enjoy a good old fashioned game of “stuck in the mud” to warm up. Good on you all!

Congratulations Swimprover’s:
Group 1: Ailish Adams (enjoy the later session!)
Group 2: Connor Osin

If you are changing swim sessions on the 10/1/14, enjoy it and we’ll look forward to seeing as many Mighty Marlins at the appropriate preceding Land Training session as possible.



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