LT Contenders Ready………

The LT numbers have shot up in only our second week back, well done swimprovers and lovely to have new faces joining us.
This week we started LT testing so we can better individually monitor, track, support and develop. We have taken a handful of CORE exercises across our many disciplines and in Group 1 measure the ability to complete a set amount PERFECTLY, in Group 2 we measure how many can be PERFECTLY completed in a set amount of time.
There was a great vibe and some amazing work rates that brought a lovely new contribution to what we do in LT. Highlights were swimprovers of ALL age groups:

Planking for +5 minutes

Box jumping +60 time a minute

15 PERFECT press ups

40 PERFECT sit ups in a minute

Standing long jumping over 2 metres

New swimprovers setting the bar high from the off

Everyone was a swimprover this week!

NO LT for the next 2 weekends due to gala’s, courses and the AGM BUT we’re back on the 18th October to complete testing, can’t wait!

Team LT.

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