LT – Girl Power

Well done to the 40 that made it to LT even when we probably should have been looking after our mums for a bit longer on their special day. A special thanks to the two masters mum’s that joined us again yesterday and to all the children that travelled hundreds of miles to visit grandparents and still made it back in time for LT.

We’ve had some great feedback about the energy and variety of exercises we did this week so we’ll follow a similar core, aerobic, band routine next week (with a few games thrown in too!).

REMINDER: Please ensure all children have the most appropriate resistance bands for their own needs. The work we do is about control, flexibility and technique so please assure them they need the right resistance not highest resistance. If in doubt, go light please.

Well done to our Swimprover’s of the Week who have worked so hard from day one, have a superb attendance record and continue to develop brilliantly:
Group 1: Caitlin Oram
Group 2: Sarah Dymond

We have a special mention this week for the highly deceptive and quietest footwork in LT showing great control, well done Rob Ainley!

With another all female Swimprover group it’s only right that we inspire the boys to step up……………..


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