LT is Totes Adorbs

Only just at the very start of term and 48 at Land Training this week, simply stunning numbers!

We were delighted to welcome 10 new Land Trainer’s. The coaches agreed that the discipline and core muscle control was outstanding in both groups, and so soon after the break.

Why Land Train?: Our role within the club is to help develop core strength, flexibility and control on dry land so that the children can further enjoy and excel in their swimming.

What To Wear/Bring?: It’s important that ALL children come in the right clothing (p.e. shorts & t-shirt) and footwear (lace up/velcro trainers) to maximise the benefit of the sessions and reduce the risk of injury or accident to both themselves and their team mates. Every child should bring their own water bottle, it’s important to rehydrate to exercise effectively and maintain concentration, and we regularly take breaks to rehydrate. Likewise, every child should bring a set of rubber resistance bands (available on line and Decathlon for example) suitable to their age and strength (if in doubt go light!).

What Else Should We Know?: If your child is suffering from any condition (permanent or temporary, mental or physical) please tell the coaches so we can try to provide the best support at all times.

Well done our “Swimprover’s of the Week”:
Group 1: Rebecca Phelan
Group 2: Sam Brookes

The “LT50” still stands, be part of making yet more history at BMSC and come and join us.


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