LT Starts 2015 With a Bang!

With such short notice and the holidays not even finished we were delighted to see nearly 50 swimmers on Sunday night, burning off the turkey and chocolate.

This terms focus is to build our core strength & stability further by continuing our plyometric work (explosive), resistance band work (stroke strength), general endurance/stamina and adding more complex core work, which compliments the technical requirements of the pool too.

Both groups really impressed the coaches with their dedication and muscular control as we started some of this work with a standard press up whilst raising an arm and an opposite leg simultaneously, which is also this weeks homework!

Very well done to our first 2 Swimprover’s of 2015:
Group 1: Dean Smith
Group 2: Sam Brookes

Christian is away on business next week but Richard & Steve will be supported by Marie and Sophie.


Have a great week in the pool and happy new year to you all.

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