LT’s Big Push To LT60!

Yet another stunning turn out at LT this week and even more of an achievement after a successful and late night for some children at the Arena League.

Both groups again worked really hard on their quality of control in stretches and core work as well as finding great energy for the bench work to really help develop power from the blocks and turns. We fitted in some fun core strengthening challenges that many children really enjoyed and excelled in.

Swimprovers of the week constantly display a great attitude and work so hard to keep developing, so well done:
Group 1: Peter Lamb
Group 2: Sarah Dymond

Injury Process 1: We are experiencing some children coming to sessions carrying injuries from other sports and activities. The LT team take our duty of care very seriously, so please ensure that all parents (not children) report all known injuries to a LT coach well before any session so we can safeguard the child and make the best decision about how/if a child should be involved in that session.

Injury Process 2: Unfortunately this week we encountered 2 injuries in the sessions (we’ve only had a handful in over a year). Please assure all children understand that whilst training might be hard work and can cause aches as muscles fatigue or recover (in or out of the pool) they shouldn’t feel pain or hurt during any exercise. Should any child experience any pain or hurt during any part of LT they must stop and tell a LT coach immediately so we can make an assessment to safeguard the child as quickly as possible. Despite our best endeavours injuries will occur from time to time, especially in high impact environments. The LT team will always do our best to minimise any risk with clear instruction along with lots of support and encouragement, so please keep talking to us and if at any point any parent believes their child has a possible injury from LT please report this directly to Christian Barden, or another member of the LT team on hand.

LT is on this Sunday 16/11/14 and then we bow out until at least the 4/1/15 due to Club Champs, County Long Course Competition, Christmas and New Year (get your jumpers ready!).

Looking forward to seeing as many of as possible this weekend, lets see if we can smash the LT60 and our 100 Club targets!


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