(Replacing the B.L.D.S.A. POSTAL SWIM)

Every year since 1989 (until last year) Marlin Swimmers have taken part in the British Long Distance Swimming Associations One hour Postal Swim where you swim as far as you can in one hour. We have also used the swim to raise funds for a local charities. However over the past few years we have been very disappointed with the BLDSA organization of the event.

2016 will be the second time that we have done our own Mega Swim and hopefully we will raise lots of money for the “Heads Up For Callum’s Campaign” which raises funds for Kings Lodge Neurological unit at Derby Royal Hospital and the critical care unit at the Nottingham Queens Medical Centre.

Callum Bradley swam with Marlin for many years taking part in the one hour swim many times. Callum was seriously injured in a motor cycle accident, hence Callum’s involvent with the charity.


Our MEGA SWIM will take place on the 13th of March the first session will start at 5-10pm and second session will start at 6-20pm swimming in their usual lanes. You will be trying to swim as far as possible in one hour, some swimmers especially the small jnr’s may decide they just want to swim for a A.S.A Rainbow Distance Badge and then get out, for more information about these badges speak to Irene or Michelle. (fees for ASA Badges to be paid separate)

You are also invited to raise sponsorship from friends and families to support the “Heads Up For Callum Campaign”The BLDSA postal swim normally costs four pounds to enter. You will not have to pay for your swim this year (except for any ASA distance badges you achieve) so if you wish, you could also consider donating the £4-00 which it would have cost for the B.L.D.S.A swim to the sponsorship funds.   


THE SWIM because one hour is a long time to swim you can bring your drinks bottle and leave it on the end of your lane at the deep end of the pool, you will only be allowed to stop for a quick drink, you will not be allowed to stop at the shallow end, you will start off in your usual lane, the starting signal will be by a whistle at five second intervals. You may swim any stroke and change strokes when you want so long as you keep swimming. If a swimmer stops for longer than necessary or leaves the water that will be the end of the swim for that person. You will not need your flippers or floats so leave them at home.

Any budding champion may elect to go for a club record at 400m -800 or 1500m or even all three. Any swimmer trying for a record must have two people to record the time for them at the stated distance.


MUMS & DADS each swimmer must have a responsible person with them to count how far the child swims. a tick marking sheet will be provided but you must bring a clip board and pen/pencil with you and have suitable foot wearfor the poolside. 


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