Q&A @ BLC 04/01/15

Ok so it’s time to ask those questions no one seems to know the answers too….

It’s Q&A at BMSC this Sunday 5-6pm.

What’s the Diddy League?
What’s the 4 Towns?
Which Galas should I attend? Level 1 or Level 3
What’s the pathway for swimming now?
What sessions are the right sessions for me?
What’s happening at training USRPT?
Why Land Training? What’s the Point?
What kit for a Gala or Training?
Where’s it all going?
What’s Swim Club Manager? How can that help me?
Whose Who & Who does what?

Just a few of the popular questions and to get the discussion going.
Remember without you BMSC is just another Swimming Club with you we can be The Mighty Marlins….

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