Swimmers Punctuality at Training Sessions

Dear Parents/Guardians and swimmers
It has been brought to my attention that a number of swimmers are turning up on poolside late to sessions, sometimes up to 15 mins late for a 60-minute session without any good reason. This particularly applies to some of our older swimmers who are not setting a good example to our younger swimmers.
Each session is written by a level 2 trained coach or teacher and is designed to allow an appropriate warm up.
I understand how this may have crept in, as we have to set up at Belper and sometimes this can take up to 10 minutes.
So how can we address this?
Parents /guardians
  • please encourage your swimmers to get on poolside on time
  • if you are around please help us set up on poolside
  • if you  are delayed please let us know on poolside
  • please share this email with the swimmers
  • be there at the start of the session
  • you can help too in setting up sometimes
  • if your help is not needed you can make sure you cap is on and goggles adjusted
  • you can do some gentle stretching prior to the session
From Monday anyone who is late to a session [without good reason] will get a verbal warning and if it happens again you will not be allowed to swim that session.
If you have a good reason just let the coach know as soon as you get on poolside. Parents/guardians – if you are late please let us know too.
Mike Brett
Chief coach on behalf of the coaching and teaching team

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