The diddy league starts in  April and we need to have time trials for all children aged 9,10 11 and 12 by 20th June  2015.
Some will have swum at the county championships and have recent 50m times.
Few will have recent 25m times and all teams all ages are 25m. 
For 9 y/o age the individuals are 25m , for 10 and above they are 50m 
Time trials will take place in  sessions 1 and 2 on Sunday 22nd March 5-7.15 pm.
Swimmers should bring a drink and  a T-shirt to keep warm poolside.
All swimmers in Sessions 1 and 2 should attend as it is a chance for all ages to  improve their pb times.
parents will need to  help poolside with timing and organisation.

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